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What better way for two podcasters to check in with each other on their weight loss adventures than by starting a podcast about it?

Join John and Emily each week as they share their successes and struggles with weight loss.

Note: We are not doctors, nor do we play doctors on TV (or on this podcast). Please talk to a medical professional before taking any of our advice.

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Nov 11, 2019


This week is a little different from our other episodes. John couldn’t make it this week so I did a solo episode talking about how I got started with Intermittent Fasting and lost about 70 pounds in 18 months.

We joke sometimes, but dieting really is such a lifestyle change, but it doesn’t always have to be a punishment for doing something wrong. I really encourage anyone currently on a weight-loss journey of their own to keep getting back on the wagon, keep trying new things, keep pushing toward your goals.

John and I are so encouraged by all of you and your support and we hope we’ve also been able to be supportive to you.

— Emily

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Meet Your Hosts:

  • John Bukenas is a podcast editor from New Jersey. He started the podcast doing keto and intermittent fasting, but is now gearing up for bariatric surgery (probably) later this summer.
  • Emily Prokop is a podcast editor and consultant from Connecticut. She has been doing Intermittent Fasting since April 2018 and has lost about 70 pounds. She started with 16:8 and is now doing 18:6.

In This Episode:

  • The family Christmas card photo that was so embarrassing to Emily that she quickly made a change.
  • Working with an Eating Coach and uncovering some compulsive and binge eating tendencies and learning how to manage them.
  • Finding Intermittent Fasting in a book about ADHD, of all things.
  • Why IF works so well for Emily.
  • Some of the other diets and weight-loss gimmicks Emily has tried and had temporary success with.
  • How a Clean Fast works.
  • Tons of resources to help you get started or keep going if you’re doing Intermittent Fasting.
  • A little overview of how Intermittent Fasting works.
  • Some things to watch out for when starting IF (fatigue, wonky menstrual cycles — both were temporary for Emily)
  • Falling off the wagon and getting back on over and over again.
  • The mindset shifts Emily has dealt with throughout the past year and a half.
  • “I can have it tomorrow.”
  • “Everything is a practice.”
  • “Trust the process.”
  • If you’re struggling with getting healthy, please know that we have an amazing discussion group over on Facebook for listeners of the show. We’d love to have you join us.
  • Later, Weighters!

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