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What better way for two podcasters to check in with each other on their weight loss adventures than by starting a podcast about it?

Join John and Emily each week as they share their successes and struggles with weight loss.

Note: We are not doctors, nor do we play doctors on TV (or on this podcast). Please talk to a medical professional before taking any of our advice.

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Feb 4, 2019

In This Episode:

  • Did you listen to last week’s cleaned up trainwreck? That was the brilliant editing of John.
  • We have good news and bad news for this episode: We promised we would have Harriet, The Eating Coach, on with us, but we had to postpone that until the next week. But the good news is, you have another few days to get us your questions for Harriet!
  • Email us:
  • Emily had a really bad day out of nowhere, and the scale showed. (Please no one do the math to calculate the calories she ate that day.)
  • We have to fail and have setbacks to test how we get back up.
  • Don’t give us snacks as gifts!
  • Do you look at people’s plates when you go to a party and judge them?
  • Those who mind don’t matter; those who matter don’t mind.
  • We’re still waiting for a #WinningWednesday jingle!
  • Thank goodness for #WinningWednesday post. You are all so awesome!
  • Join our the Hate to Weight Discussion Group on Facebook and have fun with us!

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