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What better way for two podcasters to check in with each other on their weight loss adventures than by starting a podcast about it?

Join John and Emily each week as they share their successes and struggles with weight loss.

Note: We are not doctors, nor do we play doctors on TV (or on this podcast). Please talk to a medical professional before taking any of our advice.

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Jul 24, 2020

Hello from just Emily today. John has had some health complications and was not able to record this week. Don’t worry, he is on the mend and we will hopefully have our wonderful host and editor back soon enough!

In the meantime, I wanted to bring you this special interview I did in the Hate to Weight Discussion Group...

Jul 9, 2020

Another week of quarantine and tensions rising. John ended his last episode recording and the rest of his week was a whirlwind of anxiety, sickness and a death scare! But luckily, everyone is OK. Life isn’t easy for many of us, and while staying healthy is important, there’s a lot we’re all juggling.

We want to...