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What better way for two podcasters to check in with each other on their weight loss adventures than by starting a podcast about it?

Join John and Emily each week as they share their successes and struggles with weight loss.

Note: We are not doctors, nor do we play doctors on TV (or on this podcast). Please talk to a medical professional before taking any of our advice.

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May 28, 2018

In This Episode:

  • Vacations and diets, and the scale disappointment
  • Diet judgment from others
  • The scary “O”-word and the stigma attached
  • Focusing on non-scale victories
  • Fast food discussions in our Facebook group
  • Diner food is the best!
  • Our goals - Emily’s wedding ring and John’s pants
  • Emily talks about a few of her low points
  • The fear of the plateau
  • Victories for those in our Facebook group
  • The Weigh-In Results: Total loss of 2 pounds!
  • Join our the Hate to Weight Discussion Group on Facebook

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