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What better way for two podcasters to check in with each other on their weight loss adventures than by starting a podcast about it?

Join John and Emily each week as they share their successes and struggles with weight loss.

Note: We are not doctors, nor do we play doctors on TV (or on this podcast). Please talk to a medical professional before taking any of our advice.

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Nov 18, 2019

If you’re listening to this when it’s released, you only have a few more hours to VOTE FOR HATE TO WEIGHT FOR THE 2019 DISCOVER PODS AWARDS HERE!

Voting ends Monday, November 18th, 2019.

John’s back this week and we have a bit of catching up to do. John’s switching up his diet to gluten-free and working on focusing on just one meal at a time. Emily has discovered Wafflefulls and has had an inhuman number of them in the last few weeks.

“It's one meal at a time. Make good choices and if you don't make good choices, you get a chance to the next meal. You get a chance to do it again.” — JOHNSPIRATION

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Meet Your Hosts:

  • John Bukenas is a podcast editor from New Jersey. He started the podcast doing keto and intermittent fasting, but is now gearing up for bariatric surgery (probably) later this summer.
  • Emily Prokop is a podcast editor and consultant from Connecticut. She has been doing Intermittent Fasting since April 2018 and has lost about 70 pounds. She started with 16:8 and is now doing 18:6.

In This Episode:

  • John’s basically becoming a Podcast Dealer. Try it! All your friends are doing it!
  • Johns a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. Did you know?
  • Both John and Emily have dealt with some depression lately and we’re working through using food as our crutch and really examining why we choose food as a vice. Sometimes, it’s a way to make us feel as ugly and gross on the outside as we feel on the inside.
  • Do you have a good chili recipe for John to try? You can email it to OR call it in on our voicemail and we’ll play it on the show: 760-946-6464 (760-WINNING).
  • We love learning what our listeners are cooking and the healthy recipes they are enjoying  —maybe it’ll inspire us!
  • Sorry for those two hours last week I had the unedited version up! Oops!
  • John’s now going Gluten-Free and having the deal with Keto Flu again.
  • By the way, Aldi has some awesome gluten-free foods! Also, I didn’t mention it on the show, but if you are Gluten-free and like to travel, check out our friend Elikqities podcast, Travel Gluten-Free.
  • WAFFLEFULLS are amazing! Thank you Brickbox in Stratford, Conn., for my new addiction!
  • Emily is craving more vegetables, despite her love of Wafflefulls. Luckily, there is a veggie option!
  • Ever do really well at something and hit a goal, then totally self-sabotage? Why do we do this to ourselves?
  • We also come up with our dream Wafflefulls: A breakfast one and a low-carb variety with mashed cauliflower. Brickbox, just let us know when you’d like to come on as a sponsor ;)
  • Emily has temporarily solved her clothing dilemma of being tired of shopping for clothes and having to throw them out when she loses more weight: she’s buying the same $6 shirts and $10 legging 2-packs from Walmart until her weight settles. Zuckerberg closet, here I come!
  • John, if you’re reading these show notes, stop scratching your legs!
  • As much as Emily loves her Wafflefulls, it’s important to note that it’s just a phase and this won’t consume her life or cause her to throw her diet completely away.
  • “I’m not even sorry!”
  • OUR BIG NEWS: Thank you to everyone who nominated Hate to Weight for the Discover Pods Awards! Only a few more hours from when this episode drops that you can vote for us in the Health & Fitness category! (And while you’re there, would you mind throwing a vote to Emily’s other podcast, The Story Behind, which is in the History category? Thanks!)
  • It’s an honor just to be nominated. - Emily
  • That’s what losers say! We want to win! - John
  • No #WinningWednesday this week, but we’ll have them next week!
  • Later, Weighters!

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